Breeding & Performance

With Hamilton Run relinquishing a Pastoral Lease held in the Flinders Ranges the complete nucleus of the stud flock have been run on the inside country for the last 12 months. Through the 13 years of management this Poll Merino flock has had enormous emphasis placed on the ewe’s ability to be sustainable in dry conditions while remaining fertile and productive in carrying and raring a quality lamb to weaning.

The philosophy of Thrive, Survive and Reproduce has been a critical element in the evolution of the stud and remains a strong consideration through the classing process of the ewe flock. An enormous amount of emphasis is placed on visual classing with length, depth and width a strong consideration for both ewes and rams. Structure and the ability to hold fat cover is a huge consideration as it directly links to the doing ability, fertility and maternal traits of the ewes. Hamilton Run have consistently over the last 6 year period achieved a 140% lambing from a short compact joining period.

There is a requirement for the Hamilton Run Ewes to grow a white stylish wool with density and length of staple with a great underline, all traits that they are not prepared to compromise . The evolution to 6 monthly shearing has provided a tremendous platform to further benchmark staple length and the cut of the flock.