Hamilton Run Dohne flock is registered with the Australian Dohne Breeders Association (ADBA). Owned by the ADBA is a ‘breed evaluation system’. This is a means of providing clients with the highest quality of rams and it also offers stud breeders a method of breed improvement.

Recording full pedigree performance into the ‘breed evaluation system’ allows commercial producers to select rams using the same base and description and compare rams sold by all ADBA ram breeders.


Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’s) describe the expected performance of the progeny of a sheep, not just the performance of the sheep itself. An ASBV therefore describes the breeding value of the sheep.

Dohne ram breeders produce ASBV’s for major measured performance traits, including number of lambs weaned (NLW), maternal weaning weight (MWWT), live weight (WT), muscle depth (EMD), fat depth (Fat), fleece weight (CFW), fibre diameter (FD) and coefficient of variation (CV) of FD.

Dohne ASBV performance is based on the measured evaluation made by the ram breeder. The measurement is then value added by accounting for factors that breeders value. Factors accounted for include; the trait heritability, if the sheep was a twin or single, date of birth of the sheep, maiden or adult dam age, the sheep’s pedigree (relative’s) performance and difference in environment between groups.

Pedigree performance records allow ASBV’s to be compared across-years and flocks. Dohne rams and ewes from large and small Registered Dohne ram breeding flocks can in this way be directly compared.